The Qiew Crew Recruits a Michigan Lesbian For Trump

Written by on October 25, 2020

The Qiew Crew Recruits a Michigan Lesbian For Trump

Marilyn Baley writes some VERY Informative posts: here are some of those issues

Donald Trump told the truth ….how much more has he been telling the truth about?

This is why so many people love this man.

Yes, Trump, he’s not everyone’s cup of tea.

He worked in construction as a New Yorker before he got into the business.

Rough around the edges, doesn’t always come off nice and sweet, more like the brash and See More a big talker.

Yes, he goes too hard sometimes, throws hard balls, and can come off mean and harsh.

I truly get it. I wasn’t a supporter either, I hated the guy.

He’s not perfect, he’s human…
That’s what I came to realize.
He is not a politician, we know that.
That’s why people vote for him.
His record can be traced back…

Back when he was in with the celebrity people, they constantly wanted to be around the guy. He had a great sense of humor, tv personality, and a big heart.

Giving constant donations to Oprah Winfrey, Maury, and Dr. Phil. (Don’t believe me look it up, please for the love of God, enough)

While you’re at it – Look up the millions of donations Donald Trump has given to random people he’s just met. Or heard their story from the news, a show, whatever. Seriously it’s insane.

The amount of times Donald Trump has stuck his neck out for minority communities, yes including LGBT, is incredible.

After tonight, and the lies that Joe Biden fed the American public on his public record I cannot even imagine voting for him. (If his record doesn’t already speak for itself)

it’s never been more clear that Donald J. Trump is simply a person, a man.

Yes, He is our president, but most importantly he is one of us…..
Each and every American can relate to him, truly, when it comes to being beaten down by those who want to use, us, as a ladder to success.

As an honest hardworking American we get beat down. Truly.
Mr. Trump has shown us that we can accomplish anything with hard work, strength, stability, honesty, and morality.

That we don’t have to listen to corruption or follow that path. That we don’t have to put aside our morals our beliefs for gain, in anything in life.

That sometimes a president isn’t perfect, but they are trying. I mean…really really trying.

Against the haters and the media who never admits his rights and only wrongs…he stands tall for each and every one of us.

That we can stand together as one, United Nation. Working alongside each other in civility and strength in numbers. That no person is left behind and treated with dignity and respect.

With Trump, I believe OUR country as Americans in these United States of America is safe and free.

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